real estate investment

Real Estate Investment, What You Need To Know

real estate investment

Real Estate InvestmentReal estate is considered a safe and profitable investment. It should not be missing in any portfolio if you want to save assets. 

When it comes to real estate, one often hears “concrete gold”. It makes it clear how widespread the purchase of residential property is in USA like for example Miami Real Estate

But how can you invest in houses or apartments? It is not always necessary to buy your property. There are exciting alternatives that are just as safe and profitable.

The Five Real Estate Investements

Before you decide to invest in houses or apartments, you have to compare the alternatives. In principle, there are five different ways to invest in concrete gold.


You can choose to buy from:


1. Property

2. Real estate stocks

3. Real estate bonds

4. Real estate funds (open/closed real estate funds)

5. Crowd investing in real estate

1. Property

Buying a property is probably the most well-known investment method in concrete gold. The investor can use his own home himself, and after a few years of old age, he does not have to pay any rent. He can also rent them out to a tenant as an investment.

2. Real estate stocks

Anyone who wants to invest their money in stocks in the real estate business buys shares in public limited companies active in the real estate industry. Such companies develop, build, operate and market houses. These are primarily multi-family houses with commercial or residential use.


3. Real estate bonds

Real estate bonds are fixed-income securities, and a mortgage usually secures them. 


A bond is debt security. A bond is generally subordinated secured. It means that in the event of insolvency, all outstanding claims of the creditors are first reimbursed. Therefore, a bond is a real estate investment with a particular risk. It is not suitable for every investor.

4. Real estate funds

If you want to invest your money in real estate at manageable costs (here, you can find out more about the costs of investments), you might opt for a fund. A fund manager collects money to invest in various objects in a fund. He looks for properties with a high yield. As an investor, you choose between open and closed real estate funds.


With an open real estate fund, the investment volume is usually unlimited. Fund assets grow as new investors invest money. Shares can be bought and sold at any time. For the investor, the costs of an open fund are usually manageable.


A limited volume characterizes a closed real estate fund. Once all shares have been sold, it closes. The investor must hold his claim until the end of the term. The minimum investment is usually required for closed-end funds. As a result, the investment volume per investor is higher.

5. Crowdfunding investing in real estate

Real estate crowd investing is still a relatively unknown form of investment in many countries. A single investor does not have to raise a large sum with this form of investment. Instead, many investors join together to form the so-called “crowd” and invest in larger construction projects. A real estate investment is already possible with small amounts. Nevertheless, the return is attractive. 

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