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“Wild Flower” by RM ft Youjeen – 1000 Song Meanings

There are thousand reasons why “Wild Flower” by RM BTS ft Youjeen has a magnetic charm behind the lyrics. First time I listened to the song, I felt mixed up feelings such as loneliness, doubts and yet hope.

Maybe because in this song, RM talks about his personal struggles and doubts that makes “Wild Flower” become one of the song that are deeply introspective and relatable. I guess, many people can identify with the struggles he talks about, including feelings of loneliness, self-doubt and anxiety.

Other reason that I found quite interesting is the representation of the song’s metaphor. It is the idea of finding strength and beauty in unexpected places, even in difficult circumstances. As a wild flower, one maybe shown unfitted with the ideal situation, but no matter what the seasons are, they are still alive and bloom. This theme is inspiring and encourage listeners to persevere through tough times.

And lastly, I’m talking about RM’s strength to deliver powerful performance adds to the song’s magnetic charm. His distinctive voice and emotive performance capture the emotion and depth of the lyrics, making the song even more impactful

Let’s dive in to know further the meaning behind his powerful yet beautiful lyrics.

RM Namjoon BTS Wild Flower Photo Sketch
Wild Flower Photo Sketch. Sumber: BigHit Music

Wild Flower by RM ft Youjeen, Song Meanings


Black: song lyrics

Purple: song meanings/lyric interpretation 


Wild Flower


[Intro: RM]

Flower field, that’s where I’m at

Open land, that’s where I’m at

No name, that’s what I have

No shame, I’m on my grave

The lyric “No name, that’s what I have, no shame, I’m on my grave” suggests that the singer does not have a well-known or recognized name or identity. However, he does not feel ashamed about this fact and have fully embraced it to the point where he is willing to take it with him to the grave. In other words, the singer is comfortable with who they are and does not feel the need to conform to societal expectations or norms to gain recognition or acceptance. It can be interpreted as a message of self-acceptance and self-love.

When your feet don’t touch the ground

When your own heart underestimates you
When your dreams devour you
When you feel you’re not yourself
All those times

The lyrics in the last part of intro seem to refer to a feeling of disconnection and loss of self in times of hardship and doubt. The image of “feet don’t touch the ground” implies a feeling of being ungrounded or untethered, while “own heart underestimates you” may suggests a lack of self-confidence or self belief. The phrase “dreams devour you” could mean that his aspirations can feel overwhelming or even destructive.


The intro of Wild Flower seem to be about struggling with one’s identity and sense of self in difficult times


[Verse 1: RM]

I yearned for the flames
I yearned for a beautiful fall
Even before the start, I imagined
An end where I could applaud and smile
That’s what I wishеd for
When everything I bеlieved in grew distant
When all this fame turned into shackles
Please take my desire away from me
No matter what it takes
Oh, let me be myself

The meaning behind the lyrics can be interpreted as the desire for success and recognition, which is symbolised by flames and a beautiful fall. The next phrase tells us that he (RM) had this dream even before starting on his journey, and he envisioned an end where he could feel accomplished and happy. However, as he gained fame, he realised that it came with certain limitations and expectations that felt more like shackles. Therefore, he ask to be released from this desire for fame and success and to be allowed to be true to himself, no matter what it takes.

This is probably has a correlation with him changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM, which stands for “Real Me” in 2017. According to RM, he changed his stage name because he felt that “Rap Monster” no longer represented who he was as an artist and a person. He explained that the name “Rap Monster” was a given name during his early days as an underground rapper and that it represented his passion for rap and his desire to become a monster to “destroy” the genre. However, as he grew and evolved as an artist, he felt that the name was limiting him and didn’t accurately reflect his true self. He then chose the name “RM” as a way to embrace his true identity and show his fans who he really is as a person and an artist.


Oh, every day and every night

Persistin’ pain and the criminal mind
Nights the beating of my heart kept me up
The mournful crescent moon hung beyond the window

The lyrics suggest that the singer is experiencing emotional pain and struggling with negative thoughts or a “criminal mind” that may cause him to feel guilty or ashamed. The line “Nights beating of my heart kept me up” suggests that he may be feeling anxious or distressed. The image of the “mournful crescent moon” beyond the window adds to the overall mood of sadness and introspection. The lyrics seem to convey a sense of inner turmoil and a longing for relief from the emotional struggles the singer is going through.


I do wish me a lovely night
Over my status is an oversized life
Desperately holding onto a balloon drifting by
I ask where you could be right now
Where you go, where’s your soul
Yo, where’s your dream?

The first lyrics express the desire for a peaceful and enjoyable night despite feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and expectations of life. The line “Over my status is an oversized life” suggests that RM feels burdened by the weight of their responsibilities and the need to succeed. The image of holding onto a balloon drifting by could represent grasping onto fleeting moments of happiness and joy. The lines “Where you go, where’s your soul, Yo, where’s your dream?” could be a reflection on the search for meaning and purpose in life, and questioning where his passions and aspirations have gone.

Chorus (Youjeen)
Gonna scatter across that sky
Light a flower, flowerwork
Flower flowerwork
Gonna shine across that sky
Light a flower, flowerwork
Flower flowerwork

“Scattering flowers across the sky” suggest the idea of spreading his dreams and aspirations into the world. The phrase “light a flower, flowerwork” can be interpreted as igniting his dreams through hardship and perseverance and allowing them to bloom like flowers, while “gonna shine across that sky” implies the idea of success and achievement in reaching his goals.


[Verse 2: RM]
Where’s my end finally gonna be?
Everything’s so exhausting, from A to Z
When’s this wretched mask finally gonna come off?
Yeah, me no hero, me no villain
I’m barely anything
Idling repeats, memories turning vicious

The lyrics convey a sense of exhaustion and weariness, with RM questioning when he will reach his end and remove the mask he feel he has been wearing. He also express a feeling of being stuck in a cycle of idling and his memories turning into something harmful. The line “me no hero, me no villain” suggests that RM doesn’t see himself as a particularly exceptional or noteworthy person, but rather someone who is struggling to find his place in the world.

Lying in a field, I set my sights on the skies
Now, I can’t remember what I wanted so badly
I trusted I was happy, now a mere memory
Yeah, I been goin’, no matter what’s in front
No matter what it may be
Memories of holding onto dawn’s edge and spitting things out

When we read the lyrics, suddenly we felt that RM has a sense of nostalgia for a past happiness that is now just a memory. He has been moving forward regardless of what obstacles he face, holding onto the hope of a new dawn. The phrase “spitting things out” may imply a need to release negative emotions or thoughts, possibly in order to move forward with a clearer mindset.

Society’s all for the loudest voice
And here I am, still speaking silence
It’s an aside, a boat in full bloom
To face all the prejudice and misunderstandings
I don’t care much for being tossed into the air
Grounded on my own two feet
Amongst the flowers without names
I can’t go to the stars again, I can’t
Underfoot, I just go
To a destination without a purpose
Not even knowing my own sadness
Even making friends with the shadows
I be gone

The lyrics describe R’Ms feelings of being silenced and ignored in a society that values the loudest voices. He feel or seems to be an outsider, someone who doesn’t fit in and is faced with prejudice and misunderstanding. The image of “a boat in full bloom” suggests that he is standing out, but at the same time, he’s still speaking silence, meaning his voice is not being heard. He’s trying to find a solace in being “ grounded and living among the flowers without names”, which could represent a sense of anonymity and freedom. The lines “Not even knowing my own sadness / Even making friends with the shadows / I be gone” suggest a sense of resignation or acceptance of their situation, but also a desire to disappear or escape.

[Bridge: RM, Youjeen]
Paused and turned out to be gloriously barefooted
Nothing was ever meant to be mine
And don’t tell me like you gotta be someone
Because I’ll never be like them (Light a flower)

These lyrics in bridge part suggest a sense of liberation from societal expectations and pressures to conform. The singer acknowledges that he has paused and become “gloriously barefooted,” meaning he has shed the constraints of societal norms and expectations. He recognize that nothing was ever meant to be his and that he does not have to conform to society’s ideals of success or identity.The line “And don’t tell me like you gotta be someone/ Because I’ll never be like them” emphasizes the singer’s desire to be true to himself and not conform to the expectations of others. The phrase “light a flower” may be a metaphor for finding one’s own unique path and shining brightly in the world.

Yeah, my start was poetry
My one and only strength and dream that protected me so far (Light a flower)
Burning fireworks to flowerworks
Boyhood to eternity
I’ll stay in this barren field
Ah, I’ll return someday

These lyrics describe a sense of reflection and nostalgia, looking back on the singer’s past and recognizing the things that have helped them get to where they are now. The “strength and dream” that protected the singer can be interpreted as a source of motivation or inspiration, and he express a desire to hold onto that as he move forward. The idea of burning fireworks to flowerworks can symbolize a transformation or transition from something temporary and fleeting to something more lasting and beautiful. The mention of “Boyhood to eternity” can be interpreted as a reference to the journey of growing up and finding one’s place in the world. Finally, the line “I’ll stay in this barren field/ Ah, I’ll return someday” can be interpreted as a commitment to continue pursuing his dreams despite any setbacks or obstacles he may face.


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